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Ideal Supply Chain Finance solutions for companies

Delayed invoices uploaded to the platform with supply chain finance programs instantly turn into cash thanks to member financial institutions.

Total Financing Volume Performed from FaturaLab Platform




Solutions Supply Chain Finance

With FaturaLab, your suppliers can collect outstanding invoices, when and in the amount they need, on the same day they requested. This allows you to either extend your payment terms or generate additional income from this process.

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Solutions Dynamic Discounting

You can offer your company's occasional excess cash as a source of finance to your suppliers through the FaturaLab platform and earn a higher return on your cash then instruments like deposits/repo.

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Solutions Approved Invoice Finance

The buyer company upload the invoices of their suppliers into the FaturaLab platform and allows them to discount them through the financial institutions present in the platform. This transaction, which does not appear as a credit on either the buyer company's or the supplier's balance sheet, is the cheapest and fastest working capital solution.

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FaturaLab's Values
Technological Infrastructure

Constantly evolving financial technologies

Financial Benefit

Win-win solutions that encompass all stakeholders

Operational Efficiency

Optimized processes, products, and services


Highly experienced team capable of tailoring solutions to your needs

Optimize Your Working Capital!

Let us tell you about our solutions that enable you to optimize your working capital.

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Financial Institution Stakeholders

We develop solutions with our stakeholders to address the cash flow and working capital needs of businesses.

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